Scanmine is a news service partner. We help you create the best news service for your company and your industry.

We partner with you to create the best news service for your community.

Combine your expertise with our technology. We know that the best service is made by those who understand the industry. That’s why we partner with companies and industry professionals with the expertise needed to cover a specific topic or geographical region.

As your partner we are your media intelligence research team. Use us as a sub-contractor whenever you want to add new services as part of your bids for contracts or if you need expert advice on monitoring and data-mining.

We provide a service so you can grow your business

We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider. You are subscribing to an online service that does not require any technical skills.

It is your news service. Use it any way you want with your own design and your own logo integrated into your own products. Grow your business by generating your own revenue. Read more.


Scanmine started out as a privately and publicly funded research project developing a unique technology for large scale monitoring. The technology is now being used by companies in multiple countries and in multiple languages. We continue to have a strong focus on technology in close cooperation with our partners.

Technology Advisory Board

Scanmine works with researchers, developers and partners worldwide to improve and enhance the features and user experience in our news services. An important part of this continuous effort is to consult with experts on large scale software development and modelling. Scanmine’s research advisory board gives us access to a wealth of experience in scientific research and development of large scale industrial strength technologies.

Per Einar ArnstadPer Einar Arnstad is the Founder and President of Scanmine. As a serial entrepreneur he has successfully founded and co-founded technology companies in Norway and the U.S. Founding his first news monitoring company in 1996, he was one of the pioneers in developing media monitoring services on the Internet.
Dag SjøbergProf. Dag Sjøberg is a software engineering expert with years of industrial experience in software development. Besides heading the world’s leading* Software Engineering Department at Simula Research Laboratory, Prof. Sjøberg has long been an editor and contributor to the IEEE and ACM. He is now at the University of Oslo.
* By Journal of Systems Software.
Ulf Geir IndahlAss. Prof., Ulf Geir Indahl, is an expert on mathematical modelling at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He worked for several years in the IT industry as a consultant and advisor analyzing data mining models in research programs for various industries.