Promote your products and services on your own custom made external web sites while driving traffic to your home pages.

You can increase traffic and visibility to your home pages by funneling traffic via external news sites.

A promotional News Sites is your home away from home. It is a web site you can use to promote your products and services under a different domain. Extend your SEO campaign beyond social media to external news sites. Provide a premium news service your marketplace while promoting your own products and generating revenue from ads. Our automated 24/7 News Desk will keep your news site updated for you by continuously adding updated news stories.

Improve your rank in search engines as a credible site.

A successful SEO campaign depends on real and relevant back links. The Scanmine technology is used in thousands of news sites, and can generate relevant links and traffic to your external site from other sites that cover related topics.


This is how it works

Promo site

News sites from Scanmine looks like any professional newspaper or magazine, and you can chose between different designs.

Publishing Policies

The web page is split into content blocks, each with its own design for posting articles (F) and (G), even videos (E). Automated publishing policies are used to simulate the decisions made by a news desk to organize incoming content and to move content when new articles replaces old content. These policies make sure that articles are placed in accordance with predefined rules for prioritization of content and design in each block. Articles without pictures will not end up in blocks that require pictures, and so on.

Publish your own articles and press releases

You can also write your own articles and publish your press releases, either in designated areas or blend them in with automatically generated articles.

Customize your news site

At the top you can insert a logo (A). You can set aside space to present yourself (D) and place ads for you own products and services (C), or generate revenue from regular ad services such as Google AdSense (B). At the bottom you can chose to use your own logo (H) or have Scanmine as the publisher. The end result is a very cost-effective professional publication that continuously updates itself.