Here’s your chance to work for a startup comapny in an entrepreneurial Silicon Valley environment. We have two job openings at our new head office in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Sales Manager

Scanmine parnters with experts and industry leaders in developing the best possible news services for various industries and communities. You will be responsible for nationwide partner and sales activities and will assist in working with and develop our partner program with local agents worldwide.

Your job is to assist our partners in positioning themselves as the number one news service provider in their line of business. You should have a background in viral marketing and SEO as well as experience with business development processes.

News Desk Developer

Scanmine is currently building the most comprehensive news directory service ever made in the U.S. Using our own unique and highly scalable technology, we are in the process of monitoring and filtering relevant news briefs down to every local U.S. community and topic of interest you can think of.

Your job will be to find information sources, filter and expand the taxonomy for our network of news services. You will work with local experts on how to organize and present the news services for local communities and market segments.

You should have a background from the media industry with strong logical skills applied to the English language as well as a good understanding of how U.S. communities are organized and structured. No technical skills are required.

Both full time and part time positions will be considered.

Drop us a line about yourself and your qualifications.

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