Track the media buzz. We have the numbers for your media report

Use reliable data to track the media buzz for your comany and your industry.

Media intelligence helps businesses drive growth and build brands. Use media intelligence to quantify the buzz and extract precise, timely business insights.
Whether you want to track the performance of your digital marketing campaign, trends in the industry or your competitors, we will provide the numbers that matters to you and your organization.

Mining and monitoring

Scanmine has mining tool for searching and analyzing content from any web site as well as monitoring tools for tracking trends.
Media intelligence does not have to be a costly

Write your media report

Scanmine has both monitoring and mining capabilities that allow us to extract statistical data that can be presented directly or serve as input for manual analysis. We can extract a wide variety of information such as who writes about a topic, how many articles every day/week/month, “exposure value” (an estimate of how many people that has read about a topic) or “impact value” (how important the sites is in terms of credibility and being an authority on a topic) what type of sources (governmental, commercial, newspapers & magazines,..), how close more specific topics are related to more general topics (finance, politics, environment, etc.) and so on.

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