Scanmine in Spanish, Por Favor

Serving a global partners, Scanmine is committed to make its news services available in Spanish and other major languages. Scanmine founder, Per Einar Arnstad, points out that new partners in Spanish speaking countries made it an easy next pick: – Spanish is spoken by more than half a billion people. Many of our partners are […]

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PhotonTranfer – Connecting the Dots for the Photonics Industry

Scanmine partner, Photon Transfer, is facilitating the transfer of new innovative scientific breakthroughs into a fast growing global market. PhotonTransfer serves as an innovative intellectual property (IP) marketplace and on-line technology transfer facilitator for a wide range of photonics technologies by bringing together the right partners, both businesses and scientists, to strengthen scientific ventures. Founder, […]

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Beyond this World – News of Cosmic Propotions

Space exploration is more diverse than ever with more countries and even private enterprises joining in on the quest for new discoveries. Scanmine keeps you posted. From space exploration and exoplanets with alien life forms (illustration) to the theory of everything – this day and time is a constant reminder that our wildest imagination might […]

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