A fully automated news desk is editing and organizing incoming content for you based on publishing policies.

Publishing policies works like a 24-7 news desk that continuously organizes the news for you.

News can be prioritized and presented in many ways and Scanmine customizes publishing policies in line with your preferences.

The 24-7 News Desk is continuously evaluating incoming articles and decides which ones to publish and how to organize published articles. It will also decide how long a story will remain on your web page before it is replaced by new articles.

Publishing policies determine the importance of the publishing date compared against the importance of other factors such as relevance to your topic, the authority of the news source it originates from and if many have written about the same event. Similar stories can be grouped together and updated as new stories about the same event are received.

Just like a “manual” news site, various block of news on a news page can have different policies. You can have a “breaking news” and a “feature” column with pictures. If no picture is found or allowed from an article, the news desk will automatically try to find a relevant picture for you among more than ten thousand pictures in our picture database.