Nywly – News portals as a key element in digital marketing campaigns


Nywly will use comprehensive news portals powered by Scanmine to boost digital marketing strategies for their clients.


Nywly offers complete marketing strategies for their clients and are now adding news services as a key element in their client solutions. Senior digital marketing expert, Stefan Wikström, has focused on Internet-based marketing, business development and sales since the late 1990s. He is convinced that marketing automation that involves news services is a very strong strategic instrument for improving sales:

- Relevant news services gives visitors a strong incentive to return to sites that cover their topic of interest. By creating news portals structured and adapted to a product line, customers tend to favor our clients over competitors because they also get the added value of news updates in a topic they are interested in.

The business model is also optimized for search engines (SEO) by providing additional social media services, customized newsletters, press release services and sponsored articles. Ad campaigns for instant revenue are offered to maximize an early return of investment.


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