Beyond this World – News of Cosmic Propotions


Space exploration is more diverse than ever with more countries and even private enterprises joining in on the quest for new discoveries. Scanmine keeps you posted.

Alien world

From space exploration and exoplanets with alien life forms (illustration) to the theory of everything – this day and time is a constant reminder that our wildest imagination might not even be close to the real thing.

In a series of web sites, Scanmine updates news briefs on the recent discoveries in multiple fields that captures our interest and imagination. By monitoring a broader range of sources such as research centers and science blogs, we capture a broader range of news stories and views on complex topics that your favorite magazine didn’t publish.

Follow our coverage of astronomy and and cosmology, space exploration, Mars and the rest of our solar system, exoplanets, astroboiology and the search for alien life forms. Stay posted, more to come…


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